It’s been said before time is the ultimate test……

The purpose of this article series is to give another look at some hardware from the past, these being pieces that may or may not have been said to be “Good” at the time older reviews were done.

By taking another look we get a better picture about what these pieces are capable of in terms of longevity, performance and even it’s value today vs when sold as new – You’ll be suprised at some of the results that have come to be as the passage of time has proven.

Note that nearly all previous reviews on pieces like I’ll be covering here were done when the hardware was new and mainly for the purpose of driving sales of these items at the time they were being sold through retail channels or retailers such as Newegg, Microcenter and Tigerdirect, these being the more commonly known examples.

You the reader may have purchased an older piece of hardware and was wondering about what was said about it from the beginning, trying to get some details on what to expect from it or if it’s prone to have some common issues within the model lineup. Or could be you’re simply curious.

It’s only fair to say issues with these pieces have probrably been covered and solved thousands of times since, overall performance of these has been improved along with other details the older reviews simply don’t have within because they were written back before these solutions or improvements were known.

I will be covering some of these pieces to go back over and hopefully reveal to you what has changed about them over the course of time. All pieces covered will be examples that I personally own with testing being done by yours truly of course. Some of the pieces I have are more commonly known with some being of the more obscure to even rare in a few instances but I will go over each with a basic layout, tests and more on each piece covered. I’ll even throw in some pieces you never thought would be covered but if I have it I will cover it no matter what it may be.

This will be done (Hopefully) on a monthly basis and will even give a few tips on these pieces so if anyone is interested in going “Retro” for the fun of it, increased performance or just whatever.

Until then….



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