Ryzen 3 1200: Is it a good upgrade from FX 83xx?

Make no mistake, the Ryzen 3 1200 is a very good budget cpu at the $109 msrp. But how good is it compared to a FX series 8 core Vishera? Well, if gaming is your only interest performance wise, then it’s much better…. for now anyway. But bear in mind game developers are working on making use of more cores. It is possible that game updates may take advantage of the multi core performance of the FX even though their single core performance is weak. In this article I’m going to compare the non gaming performance of these CPU’s using my trusty FX 8300 clocked to  FX 8350 specs on a Asus 970 pro gaming Aura, and a Ryzen 3 1200 at stock on a Asus Prime B350MA.  I overclocked the FX to 4.0 to simulate the stock speeds of the most common  FX 8 core which is the  FX 8350, and left the Ryzen 3 1200 at it’s stock speed to give a more precise look at what they can do head to head without a overclock. The FX is using DDR3 2133, while the Ryzen is using DDR4 2133.


First is the CPU-Z Benchmark. As you can see the R3 1200 beats the FX by a small margin in Multi threaded performance, But  does much better in single threaded.

In CPU Mark, The FX gives the Ryzen 3 a black eye.

In Blender using the Ryzen Blend benchmark, The Ryzen hands the FX it’s backside. Time in seconds.

In  RealBench the 8 cores of the FX spank the Ryzen 3’s 4 cores.


In conclusion, is the Ryzen 3 a good upgrade from a FX 83xx 8 core? With the prices of DDR4 at this time when the Ram alone can cost more than the CPU / Motherboard combo, I would say not really. Sure the FX chews up much more power, but the upgrade cost is too high for such a small improvement in performance. If and when the price of memory comes back down to reality, then maybe. But if games and programs start making use of more cores, I strongly suggest spending the extra $55 and getting a Ryzen 5 1400 instead.


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